Our mission: restoring the broken pact between humans and bacteria

Prebiotic fibers are the key to restoring and maintaining a unique symbiotic relationship between humans and the bacteria living in our intestinal tract.

It’s a wonderful pact that has served us well for millions of years. We provide the bacteria with a place to live. They help us digest our food, make sure our immune system functions properly, provide us with important vitamins and help us to feel physically and mentally fit.

However, in hundreds of millions of people this valuable relationship is in danger of breaking down. Unhealthy eating habits deprive the bacteria of the nutrients they need. This damages the gut microbiome, making people more vulnerable to infections, obesity and life-threatening disease.

WholeFiber’s mission is to help restore this relationship. To help more people take control of their diet, their health, and their quality of life.

WholeFiber is produced in The Netherlands.

WholeFiber is produced in The Netherlands.