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Icos Capital invests in WholeFiber

Icos Capital is backing up WholeFiber’s mission to help more people take control of their diet, their health, and their quality of life by eating more prebiotic fibers. Icos’ funding will be used by WholeFiber to increase production capacity, build further sales pipeline and secure a beach head position in WholeFiber’s target markets.

Filling the ‘Prebiotic Fiber Intake Gap’

“WholeFiber meets the consumer trends towards ingredients from minimally processed, non-GMO raw materials, identity preserved, with a clean label. The company wants to provide easy solutions in filling the “Prebiotic Fiber Intake Gap” and help to lower the risk of life-style diseases – gastrointestinal and immune disorders, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension and related metabolic dysfunctions including pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes”, says Icos Capital.

Bringing our unique proposition to worldwide markets

“In building the business from The Netherlands to the international markets, we are looking forward to working with Icos and its corporate partners as well as other investors, to bring our unique value proposition to worldwide food and microbiome health markets,” commented Frederik S. Kaper, founder and CEO of WholeFiber.

Peter van Gelderen, Managing Partner at Icos Capital said: “We are excited to have completed this initial investment in WholeFiber, a company with fascinating outlook as it is addressing a pressing health issue with a straightforward and highly effective food product.”

Read the full press release here.