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Join WholeFiber on Food Matters Live

On 16 & 17 November, WholeFiber will be present as one of the Ingredient Innovators at Food Matters Live. Please join us in one of the Ingredient Discovery Sessions and learn more about our unique wholesome prebiotic vegetable.

Food Matters Live is a leading live digital event in the food sector, with expert speakers, industry-leading content, and new product development solutions. This year’s edition will take place on 16-17 November 2021, with WholeFiber as one of the Ingredient Innovators.

Earlier, Food Matters Live sat down with our Managing Director/CCO Marianne, and wrote a special about WholeFiber (WholeFiber, the new natural source of prebiotic fibres).

“Prebiotic fibres feed the ‘good bacteria’ in our gut which leads to a healthy gut flora (microbiome)”, said Marianne. “These beneficial bacteria ferment the prebiotic fibres into useful products (such as butyrate, propionate and acetate) required to help maintain good health. Among other things, it strengthens our gut lining and immune system, and protects us from bad bacteria.”

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What is WholeFiber and what makes it so special compared to many other Fibers

There are basically three things that make WholeFiber special:

  1. WholeFiber is a dried vegetable. It is minimally processed and it consists of small particles of 100% pure chicory root.
  2. WholeFiber by itself contains 4 prebiotic fibers, which are good for gut microbiome (the collection of bacteria that live in our gut). These fibers are called inulin, pectin, hemicellulose and cellulose.
  3. Due to its natural structure, the fibers in WholeFiber are slowly and gradually released to be fermented. This is the most unique feature of WholeFiber.

It means that when the WholeFiber is entering the large intestine (the place where most of the gut microbes are living), there will be fibers for the bacteria that live in at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the large intestine.