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Meet the WholeFiber team: Eva Lutjes

“To me, WholeFiber has
clear added value for our health”

The WholeFiber team is a group of passionate innovators, each with their own expertise. Meet Eva Lutjes, Product & Quality manager at WholeFiber. What motivated her to join WholeFiber and what opportunities does she want to explore?

What makes you so excited about WholeFiber and what opportunities do you see in the market for WholeFiber products?

“I’m very focused on healthy food in general. When I cook at home, I use products from my own vegetable garden as much as possible and I always ask myself which processed products I can replace by natural, pure products.”

“WholeFiber is a pure, dried vegetable with health benefits for everyone. It promotes a healthy gut microbiome and there is much scientific evidence that this has a big impact on our overall health. For example, I’m looking forward to the results of an ongoing study on how eating more beneficial fibers could help to prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. WholeFiber has clear added value.”

“I think there are a lot of great opportunities for the WholeFiber team to highlight the benefits of our product on human health and the importance of a healthy gut.”

How did you get involved with WholeFiber?

“When I saw the vacancy for a product and quality manager, I was immediately excited about the job. Although I have several years’ experience in the food sector, the startup company WholeFiber is was new and very interesting for me.”

“As is the science involved. There are many studies on prebiotic fibers and about the additional benefits of WholeFiber, with more to come. The B2B market is also fairly new to me. In addition to my work as quality lead, I’ll also be focussing on product development. I see plenty of opportunities for us to integrate WholeFiber into end products such as healthy bakery products and healthy snacks.”

Eva Lutjes

  • Graduated in Food Technology with a Master’s degree in Ingredient Functionality.
  • Over 3 years of experience in the convenience food sector.
  • Product and Quality manager at WholeFiber.