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Food Matters Live: WholeFiber, the new natural source of prebiotic fibres

With a wealth of benefits when it comes to the consumption of an adequate amount of prebiotic fibre on a daily basis, there is no doubt about the importance of this for both a healthy lifestyle and gut microbiome. However, in many countries, the average daily fibre intake is only half the recommended amount by EU and US Health Councils, at 30-40 grams.

WholeFiber is a natural and unique new source of prebiotic fibres which can help people consume higher amounts of fibre. WholeFiber Holding BV, which was officially classified as a food approved establishment in 2020, has worked on the launch of WholeFiber™, an 100% natural ingredient created from dried chicory root which contains a great combination of healthy fibres and nutrients naturally present in chicory roots.

The innovation WholeFiber is bringing to the industry is its preservation of the whole vegetable itself, instead of extracting fibre from a vegetable, which results in a ‘third-generation’ dietary fibre, with a prebiotic fibre content of over 85%. The plant cells remain intact and the prebiotic fibres are released gradually and have a maximum impact on gut health. WholeFiber can be utilised in a wide range of different applications, such as in foods, like full fibre prebiotic bakery products, or as a single ingredient for consumers to add to their diet, for instance by adding  WholeFiber cubes into smoothies or yogurts.

Food Matters Live sat down with Marianne Warnaer-van Es, Managing Director/CCO of WholeFiber, and asked a few questions regarding the importance of an ingredient such as WholeFiber when it comes to its ability to support health aspects linked to prebiotic fibres.

“Prebiotic fibres feed the ‘good bacteria’ in our gut which leads to a healthy gut flora (microbiome). “, said Marianne Warnaer-van Es. “These beneficial bacteria ferment the prebiotic fibres into useful products (such as butyrate, propionate and acetate) required to help maintain good health. It strengthens our gut lining and immune system, protects us from bad bacteria and gives us a full feeling for a longer time after a meal, helping control our weight. So, in short, a healthier gut helps people live a healthier life and a healthy microbiome helps to prevent diseases and protects us from health issues.”

In addition to the aforementioned health benefits this ingredient brings us, WholeFiber successfully meets popular consumer trends such as natural, minimum processed, free from and plant-based ingredient demands as it consists of 100% pure dried chicory root and contains 4 prebiotic fibres: inulin, pectin, hemicellulose and cellulose.