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Meet the WholeFiber team: Lucas Bramer

Lucas Bramer

“WholeFiber is food that matters”

The WholeFiber team is a group of passionate innovators, each with their own expertise. Get to know Lucas Bramer and his motivation to make WholeFiber the vegetable with the highest level of prebiotic fibers.

What makes you so excited about the WholeFiber product?

“It’s a unique and innovative product to global lifestyle platform initiatives and the food industry. Among consumers there is a clear trend towards a healthier lifestyle. In terms of food, consumers want to go back to basics: minimally processed food and food-ingredients. Currently the food industry produces a lot of processed food whereby good fibers are lost in the processes. WholeFiber is a pure natural vegetable product. WholeFiber uses the whole chicory root. It is a pure prebiotic fiber product, which is super-efficient in contributing to a healthy gut microbiome, as scientific research shows. It’s food that matters.”

How did you get involved with WholeFiber?

“After I completed my study in agricultural engineering, I started working as a cultivation manager at a chicory farm. There I further developed my knowledge and experience in cultivation and production. At some point I decided to continue as a freelancer, because I felt I wanted to help more companies in the agricultural sector with their cultivation and production processes. In 2015 I met Fred, the founder of WholeFiber I was immediately excited about his ideas. The first couple of years I focused on doing research and finding out: how do we get the chicory root to be as efficient as possible? We then started production. Now I’m focusing on the further optimization of cultivation and production. It is a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with a startup and to lay the foundation for a sustainable and healthy and planet proof product.”

Lucas Bramer

  • Graduated as an agricultural mechanics technician in 2007.
  • Over 13 years of experience in the agricultural sector.
  • Agro and Production manager WholeFiber.