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Meet the WholeFiber team: Marianne van Es

“My passion is to help people live healthier lives”

Since July 1, 2021, Marianne van Es (Managing Director/CCO) has been part of the WholeFiber team. Get to know Marianne and her motivation to put WholeFiber on the map in the B2B food industry.

What makes you so excited about the WholeFiber product?

“My passion is to help people live healthier lives. Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and WholeFiber is a great fit. WholeFiber Holding BV produces a minimally processed, natural, super pure and prebiotic fiber product branded as WholeFiber. It contains a unique combination of natural prebiotic fibers: inulin, pectin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose. These fibers are fermented through the gut, and bring a variety of health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that WholeFiber promotes a healthy gut microbiome, and more and more evidence links a healthy gut to a healthy and happy life. According to several ongoing studies, eating more beneficial fibers could help to prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. WholeFiber works with dedicated farmers who grow chicory roots for us in the Netherlands. My passion for healthy food ingredients, combined with the fact that I spent most of my life living on a crop farm, makes the connection to WholeFiber even stronger.”

What opportunities do you see in the market?

“Many people live unhealthy lives, yet a large and growing number of consumers all over the world understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even many of these health-conscious people don’t consume enough fibers. This undermines their microbiome and intestinal health – and, as increasing scientific evidence suggests, their overall health and well-being. WholeFiber offers a practical and effective solution. Thanks to responsible production methods, its great nutritional value and wide applicability, this product has great potential. We will position WholeFiber B2B as a healthy ingredient in the food industry: for example for use in prebiotic and fiber-rich bakery products. In the form of cubes, WholeFiber is also suitable as a food supplement or nutraceutical: adding WholeFiber to your breakfast, for example, is a great start to the day. Feedback from people who started using WholeFiber and my own experiences are very positive. We are already seeing great interest in the market. The important thing now is to raise more awareness of our company and product and further develop the market.”

Marianne van Es

  • Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer at WholeFiber since July 1, 2021
  • Over 25 years experience in food industry
  • Graduated from Wageningen University & Research (Human Nutrition / Food Science and Technology)