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Video: What is the role of prebiotic fibers on our health? And what is WholeFiber?

Dr. Wilbert Sybesma, Expert in Human Microbiome and Gut Health about WholeFiber.

Watch the video here

The role of prebiotic fibers play on our health

Prebiotic fibers are key nutritional components that the beneficial/good gut bacteria need. A lack of these fibers can decrease the amount of beneficial/good bacteria, and, as a consequence, increase the risks to become ill.

For instance, it has been shown in several human clinical studies that there is a clear correlation between low prebiotic fiber intake and the risk for so called life style diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer and also depression.

WholeFiber Holding BV produces a minimally processed, natural, super pure and prebiotic fiber product branded as WholeFiber. It contains a unique combination of natural prebiotic fibers: inulin, pectin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose.

These fibers are fermented through the gut, and bring a variety of health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that WholeFiber promotes a healthy gut microbiome, and more and more evidence links a healthy gut to a healthy and happy life.