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New patent for WholeFiber: prebiotic and butyrogenic properties that improves gastrointestinal and metabolic health

WholeFiber has extended its patent base with a recently published patent application (Oct 2021). It describes the nature and functionality of plant cells of vegetable particles containing native inulin and other prebiotic dietary fibers.

New patent is yet another milestone

In the past 8 years ground-breaking research in US and The Netherlands has resulted in IP regarding minimally processed vegetable crops containing multiple prebiotic dietary fibers and polyphenols with bifidogenic and butyrogenic properties that affect gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders.

This is another milestone in the commercial realization of easy applicable wholesome prebiotic fiber-rich vegetables, for use by consumers as ‘Microbiome directed Food’ as part of daily meals or as a functional ingredient for food applications with nutritional and health claim options, according to Frederik S. Kaper, founder and CEO of WholeFiber Holding BV.

The gradual fermentation of these particles forms the basis of new IP and lead to the assessment of the mode of action (MoA) by which specifically butyrate forming bacteria surge, demonstrating their relevance in affecting the quality of the human gut microbiota and lining, the related pathophysiology and possible solutions in the management of metabolic health, according to Prof Willem M. de Vos, who is spearheading the design and implementation of WholeFiber’s clinical studies, in cooperation with international research institutions.

About WholeFiber

WholeFiber Holding BV is based in The Netherlands. Founded in 2017 and FSSC 22000 food certified in 2020, WholeFiber is in control of the supply chain of wholesome prebiotic vegetable products, branded as WholeFiberTM. The chicory root is dried, with very low environmental impact. Wholefiber’s product contains an unique combination of four prebiotic fibers as well as other valuable nutrients, such as, proteins, polyphenols and potassium. Prebiotic fibers are key to sustaining a beneficial symbiotic relationship between humans and their gut microbial flora (microbiome). WholeFiber’s mission is to boost this relationship and supporting people in taking control of their diet, their health, and their quality of life.